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She had an amazing shape and equally impressive strength!However, like a whisper, she is off any radar…but remains a sweet memory.Also, the big man admitted that he often seeks out the advice of The Big Show. I try to take little things from everybody, but if I had to say there were two that my style is based around, it's those two guys." Cass added, "Big Show is definitely a guy that I look up to."I think in-ring-wise, Undertaker and Kevin Nash are probably the two biggest ones I watch. [In terms of] how he operates, how he carries himself, he [has] always got really good advice. He's great." Moreover, Cass, the NXT alum, indicated that he still takes Triple H's advice as "gospel" and that he tries to talk to The Undertaker as much as possible.Whether you are online looking for companionship, friendship or just a one night stand, something that you hope for in the person you are talking to is to find something of interest that can spark a conversation and gets things going.But what happens when there is a website where everyone on it has one common interest?"Hunter's another guy that's always open to talk to, always gives great advice.And pretty much anything he says I kind of take as gospel.

Kassius Ohno requests (and is granted) a match against Lars Sullivan at Take Over: Wargames.

The explosive bursts of strength gathered spectators in a rin around the stage and in three sets of bleachers to watch competitors go head-to-head, well arm-to-arm actually.

The matches […] Josee Morneau, 36-years-old, and Lori Pow, 48-years-old, started out as friends and co-workers.

By the end of the day, she was crowned Queen of Arms. The league brought eight women in front of an eager crowd to battle out in arm wrestling matches.

Each women held a theatrical […] Fia Reisek, 25-years-old, is a Swedish arm-wrestler who is climbing the ranks and looking to take it all!