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He’d also been ordered to pay Ted’s fees for the excellent St Aubyns School in Rottingdean, East Sussex, which has a big heart and small classes, plus a decent monthly amount to me, to cover back-payments for previous years.

But without warning, Ted’s father relocated to Los Angeles and, although we saw him a couple of times after that, he was obviously very busy with his new life, because he hasn’t spoken to Ted since his ninth birthday in 2008.

Some earplugs – those worn by industrial workers or bikers, for instance – work by simply blocking all sounds entering the ear.For the past ten years, I’ve had an earpiece that is specifically made for me that provides ultra-high definition – meaning what I hear is what I need to hear.’Loudness of a sound is measured in decibels (d B).Normal conversation is about 60d B, while a lawnmower is about 90d B and a loud rock concert about 120d B.I still have a passion for music but if I woke up tomorrow and thought this has become a bit of a grind, then I would stop doing it.Co-wrote & produced the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas" with Bob Geldof in 1984, organising an all star band of British pop stars known as Band Aid to record it to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia.