Who is ioan gruffudd dating

Laura discovers that Andrew is the father to one of her students, and they spend a night together that sets off a series of events that will alter their lives forever.

A chance meeting between two single people becomes a twisted dynamic of secrets and lies that neither of them expected.

In it, Ioan Gruffudd will play a surgeon named Andrew Ellis who hits the dating scene and meets school teacher Laura Newell, played by English actress Joanne Froggatt, who has just ended a relationship and wants to give romance another try."My make-up artist turned out to be an Oscar winner, which was just as well, but because it was an independent movie they didn't have the money to make me up a wig from scratch, so they cobbled together something from pieces of old wigs.We had to put a bald cap on me first to try to achieve Blair's receding hairline, but that was a complete disaster.Then, although they got the shape of it right, the colour was wrong - almost completely white.They took me in to see Oliver Stone and he just said: 'For God's sake: he looks ridiculous.'"Finally, after administering prosthetic likenesses of the former PM's elfin ears, a single darkened tooth in the middle of his lower set and blue contact lenses "because he's got those beautiful, piercing blue eyes," producers managed to achieve a certain likeness."As the part is a small one, it was important that I should be instantly, physically recogniseable as Blair.