Who is akon brother dating

now, they see nothing wrong with this behavior and this is what you have, men who can't feel or stay put. they can't blame anyone but themselves black women can't make them change for the better. we have to change and the only way we can is if we realize the affects of colonization and slavery has had on us all.That's "funny" because REAL African Men FROM AFRICA treat women even WORSE (cutting-off their CLITORIS & RAPING them whenever they WANT)...... Please do not generalize and group all African men into one category.So, American Culture is 100% better than African "Culture". The savage practice of female circumcision occurs only in certain countries within Africa (Africa is a continent, not a country), and even within those countries it is certain religions or tribes that practice the act.Not all African men "rape" their women and circumcise them, just like all black american men don't all beat their women and cheat on them.Exactly...there are 10 white guys to every 1 black "man".You don't have to get a pale, white, pink skin looking guy.there are PLENTY of Olive Skin white men who look Italian or Spanish or Greek. He probably was whispering in her ear "Enjoy this now because once you become my CONCUMBINE, you will NEVER be able to leave the COMPOUND to go ANYWHERE, except your FUNERAL!!

I'll save all my energy for this election, cause if Obama aka Jesus to alot of people i know losses, THESE NIGGAS GONE ACT A FOOL TONITE, these negros got the nacho's and everything ready lmao hate for them to be disappointed!!!

The homie akon could've got something better than that. i'd have so many bad bitches it's ridiculous AND IT WONT BE ANY EUROPEAN OR ANONYMOUS RACE BITCHES.

But since im black american IT'S BEST FOR US TO JUST LOOK FOR SOME WHITE AND OTHER RACES OF WOMEN cause our race of women aint down for us, THEY REALLY LOVE THIS WHITE MAN.

But i'd atleast get me a bad lil latin chick, or a red bone :) hahahaha Black men don't have real love or respect for women of any race.

Whatever becomes the new flavor or sex toy of the moment they are flaunting it, then on to the next. I could care less who this ink spot dates anyway seeing how he has women and "chirren" all over the place.

Who is akon brother dating