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The old adage goes, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” While this approach is admirable under some circumstances, what no one tells us is it’s equally important to know when to give up on something or, in this case, someone.

Often it’s more difficult to give up on a potential partner than to keep pursuing them because it means sacrificing a fantasy.

If you extend a Facebook friend invite and he doesn’t accept, then that’s that. Would you refuse the friend request of someone you were even mildly interested in?

If you extend the invite and he accepts but doesn’t send you a private message along the lines of, “It was great to meet you last Saturday! You can keep prompting — as I have done — but I caution you that these prompts inevitably reach a dead end.

Inconsistency with texting is another telltale sign of an unreciprocated crush.

Once the rousing possibility of a person is gone, life can seem like a beige, windowless room. Another crush will come along — maybe even one who feels the same way!

The hosts of The Goods took on some of your most pressing dating questions to help you decode some behaviour that's on the questionable side.

Let's see if these dating scenarios have red flag written all over them.1.

I have to decide where to go for dinner, what movie to see, and what fun stuff to check out on the weekend.

It's all left to me and my wish is his command. "We say: YES, and the the red flag is because he's being a 'passive partner'.