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Be as much of a voyeur as you wish and as much as they let you see.More » Are you lacking a pet at home but want to play with and feed one?Watching Grass Grow cam For the thrill-seekers, you can literally watch grass grow over at the aptly-named Watching Grass Grow cam site.12.

You have a map of their apartment to be able to choose what views you want.With the insights we provide, your seconds can be worth hours, and days can be worth years in value.You can select the apartments of several different people who have live webcams set up.Here are our picks for the most interesting webcams that are publicly-accessible (and legal, of course).1. International Space Station cam Hang out at the International Space Station, where you can catch live streams of the crew doing their thing and stunning views of Earth.3.Cat camsi Pet Companion not only lets you view various cat shelters with your webcam, but you can also play with the cats using a set of interactive tools. Earth Cam Take a quick and easy vacation by checking out the many live views from all over the world offered by Earth Cam—from scenic, relaxing beaches to Times Square, Earth Cam has something for everyone.5.