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env=A" data-max-width="918" data-ratio="1.5" data-title="She wanted to be the ‘fun weekend mom.’ Now, her teenage son is dead and she’s going to prison.

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Ultimately, Keiana Herndon’s unresponsiveness upset her toddler. It was a secret that only her family and closest friends knew.

The condition made her heart race, spiked her blood pressure and raised her body temperature.

I didn’t hear nothing else,” Keiana Herndon’s mother, Barbara Johnson, told Little Rock ABC-affiliate KATV. But no one called police, Jeffrey Herndon said, and no one went to check on the dying woman.

Johnson and other family members viewed the post hours after it was live. Herndon had been battling a thyroid condition for years, her uncle said.

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env=A" data-max-width="1024" data-ratio="1.615" data-title="Fla. child sex sting nets 22 suspects, including Methodist pastor who volunteered in schools " data-uuid="6f6035ec-7c0e-11e6-ac8e-cf8e0dd91dc7"Read the story' data-credit="Colorado Department of Corrections" data-image=" Post/2016/09/15/Interactivity/Images/Hernandez915.jpg?

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env=A" data-max-width="1500" data-ratio="1.179" data-title="Realtor accused of chaining woman ‘like a dog’ killed at least 7, officials say " data-uuid="fd467caa-a4ee-11e6-ba59-a7d93165c6d4"Read the story' data-credit="Mike Simons/AP" data-image=" Post/2016/10/26/Interactivity/Images/crop_free High_Rise_Death-2d8f8.jpg?

env=A" data-max-width="2590" data-ratio="1.352" data-title="Woman who pushed husband to his death from a 25th-floor window found dead in prison cell" data-uuid="7fddc426-9b7a-11e6-b552-b1f85e484086"Read the story' data-credit="From left: Courtesy of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office; Courtesy of NBC affiliate WKYC" data-image=" Post/2016/10/14/Interactivity/Images/Frye1014.jpg?

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