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Your Free PBX / PBXact system must be on firmware version / -11 or later to take advantage of Zero-Touch auto-provisioning for your Sangoma Phone.Firmware from this version onward comes with automatic (free-of-charge) access to End-Point-Manager (only for Sangoma phones) and with pre-configured Sangoma Phone templates (which are used to configure your phone) The factory default password of the phone is 'admin' however after connecting to Free PBX / PBXact, the password will become the admin password that is defined in the Global Settings of EPM which by default is 222222.I also found out that my Plantronics C720 USB headset is compatibly with the phone (the phone has 2 USB ports on it).“It makes audio conferencing a visual experience.” That’s what my colleague Stephen had to say when I asked him about the Real Presence Trio. But overall, we all came away with the same impression – the Trio 8800 is a powerful conferencing system that works with Skype for Business very well.If you have an un-configured out-of-box server, please start here: Free PBX Distro First Steps After Installation The End-Point-Manager (EPM) module, inside Free PBX / PBXact, is responsible for auto-provisioning Sangoma Phones.In order for EPM to be able to communicate with the phone(s) it must be configured with the same IP address as your Free PBX / PBXact system.Jeff Schertz has a blog post on how update the firmware: Updating Trio 8800 Firmware – Jeff Schertz’s Blog. The best way to do this, we found, was to use the Trio’s setup webpage.

Example would be with 84 being the Port Number Now that we have told our phone how to reach the PBX using a redirect server and we have verified that End Point Manager is setup in our PBX and our users have permissions for Phone Apps we will now log our phone into the PBX.(This password can be changed under the 'Global' settings of End Point Manager).The admin password can also be used as the login password for the phone if you do not know your voicemail password or do not have voicemail setup for your extension.I will limit my descriptions here, out of respect for Polycom’s ongoing development. “Straightforward and clean,” as another colleague described.The webcam didn’t even need configuration – we just stuck it to the top of the TV, plugged it into the Visual , and done.