Updating a sofa

APARTMENT THERAPY – 30 years of history with the Klippan sofa; 200 changes. Slipcover your original faux leather Klippan – Have a leather Klippan that needs fixing?Check this post out on how to recover it with a bit of simply DIY.In all, I spent about on this makeover ( for the paint, and for the fabric medium with a 25% off total purchase coupon at Michael’s — plus tax), and it took me two days to complete working by myself.So here’s some info I know some of you will want: I think that’s it. Update: I’ve had at least 50 people say that they think this will flake and peel off. Have you ever been painting something, accidentally got paint on your clothes, and didn’t realize it until it was dry?Measurements: With over 30 years of personality, the Klippan has shown itself to be one of the more stylish looking sofas, especially if you’re thinking of a custom leather slipcovers made.Not exactly the most comfortable but for its price, it makes a clean finish of that college student couch. Alternatively you could also go for a more natural colour and fabric; elegance and luxury isn’t only restricted to the wealthy upper class. Product au – User reviews and comments on the Klippan. IKEA Hackers – Learn how this couple spice up their Klippan sofa with a simple hack.) reupholstering this thing was less than thrilling to me. But I can’t just go out and buy a new sofa right now. I started with this tutorial from Hyphen Interiors, and then read about Kristi’s experience here, and then used their info, made my own tweaks to the process, and wound up here.It’s definitely a temporary solution to my sofa situation, but I think it looks pretty darn good!

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No spray bottle, and no rubbing the paint in with my hand. It still soaked into the fabric really well, and it was a lot easier and way less time-consuming.

The only other thing I did was sand the sofa after the third coat, because the fabric does seem to feel rougher with each new coat.

Sanding it made it smooth again, and also seemed to soften it up some. But the good thing the first coat takes the longest, and each subsequent coat seems to take less time than the previous coat.

Slipcover: Custom Klippan sofa slipcover available from Comfort Works Cool Factor: Modern and minimalist look, stylish and has very comfy seats.

Ugh Factor: Not so comfortable low back (same height with arms) which is not for everyone.