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Users can also plan their routes using the tabular method.This method is used regardless of or in addition to the 'Route Planning on the electronic chart'.The Swedish Maritime Administration’s Chart Database is based on the IHO (International Hydrographic Organization) standard for digital chart information.The S57 standard was officially adopted by world navigational chart institutions in 1992 and is applied when digital chart information is transmitted.In addition, Navi-Sailor incorporates a comprehensive Route Monitoring function.This is a permanent program subsystem running concurrently with other operation modes, and automatically provides the navigator with the most important voyage information including: primary and secondary ship position, ARPA target information, vessel track, display of the ship's contours in the chart scales comparable with the ship's dimensions, information on dangerous objects on the chart, and data from interfaced sensors.

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Route Plan calculations take in to account relevant weather and tidal information.For visual and audio notification to the navigator about the vessel exceeding pre-set limitations for the calculation of the ship's current position, it is necessary to set indicators in the ALARM sub-menu of the Route Monitoring mode.A function exists to allow changes in the rudder angle to optimise preset course keeping.Crucial improvements have been made to the system's user interface to allow as much flexibility and convenience for the user as possible without sacrificing the accuracy of navigational information.The database contains data on 70,000 hourly vectors. Tidal current levels in each point are calculated based on 11 harmonicas.