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All of the sudden, there was a knock at the hotel room door, and a voice outside said, "Hey, Henry, it's me. You're an closet bisexual." I just stood there for a moment, in total shock, and then finally said to Sally, "Okay, okay. You made me that promise to me, back when you married me, and I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that you keep it. I love having sex with way too much to ever go gay," I honestly admitted. And that's what brought us here to this hotel room tonight. " "Henry and I were simply 'putting on a show' for you, Carl. I'm sorry for deceiving you like that, but it was the only way I could think of to get you to live out your fantasy about having sex with a black guy." "That wasn't our agreement, God damn it! "So then you had no intention of ever fucking Henry? But I did promise you that I'd fuck a guy in front of you tonight, and that's exactly what I intend to do. " was all I could say, as the realization hit me like a rock. I was already pregnant when I started dating you, Carl. She's Rico's." At this point, I was once again in total shock.

You told me that you'd never gotten the chance to live out your fantasy, because you and I met and fell in love, while you were still in high school. "So are you actually gonna jack off, while you're watchin' me and the black guy 'go at it'? What else would a good cuckold do in that situation? ' Cuz I want you to cum your ass off, while you're watching me get knocked up by a black dude." "What the hell are you talkin' about, Sally? In other words, she was hell-bent on picking black guy she wanted to fuck.

I noticed that she had her right hand up under Henry's shirt, and was actively feeling out and massaging his chest.

And by the time that we all arrived at the La Quinta hotel parking lot, Henry's groping hand had worked its way up under the front part of Sally's dress.

I almost felt guilty when I finally parked the car in the hotel parking lot, and the two "love birds" in the back seat had to take a break from their romantic embraces, so that we could all make the long trek up the noisy, metal, outdoor staircase to our second floor hotel room, where the "sex games" could finally continue.

After we all entered the room, I turned around to secure the hotel room door with the dead bolt.