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" As such a tight family, it was obviously devastating for all parties when Mark's new job in LA and Michelle's filming schedule meant neither of them could attend the big day.

Admitting there were no hard feelings, Elliott said: "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to do and he's said he's gutted to be missing certain things." To make the day extra special for his new wife, he bought her a diamond tennis bracelet from Hatton Garden.

Watch this space and we are looking forward to be back on your TV screens soon!

” The episodes will air on the 15th and 22nd of October 2017.

From this group interview you’ll discover what are the BIGGEST attraction killers, how to avoid them, and learn the secrets to building attraction to get the number closes you’ve been longing for. If you’re perceived to be of higher status around the people you interact with, you hold the magical power to attract infinite women into your life.

But first things first, it’s important we cover the core traits women find attractive in a man. If you prefer video learning we recommend this video: (It’s the best way discover how to master attraction in a short space of time) Ok so let’s get started! Status is determined by two things – how you present yourself and how you behave around women.

Explaining he wanted to get married at his Spanish restaurant – Olivia's – Elliott revealed he's had to make some compromises.

He said: "I wanted to get married at Olivia's because it's a nice connection for me.

Keep your chin up and make slow, non-jerky movements when gesticulating and turning your head. You can understand why self-loathing guys struggle to get girlfriends.Although some factors (genetic makeup and wealth) are somewhat out of our control, there are many small changes you can make to appear like a man of status.Keep fit, hit the gym, eat healthy, and taking pride in what you wear.And with this, you’ll find women come into your life naturally as a by-product to all of this.To become more attractive within, take pride in your appearance, and focus on pursuing your passions.