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Adding to the confusion is the perception of Mexican people solely based on experiences within the United States.

The stereotypes of Mexican women in the Unites Sates are short, dark, indigenous looking women who are only looking for green cards.

Before I was married, I remember being so excited to surprise my man with a fun group date to a color festival and was thrilled when he surprised me with tickets to the ballet for my birthday.

Now, a lot of our weekend nights are Netflix on the couch, which is definitely relaxing, but doesn’t leave much time to connect!

We can all probably say that before we got married date night was a BIG deal!

Whether you planned dinner at a nice restaurant, an adventurous outing or a romantic evening, preparing fun activities together was a top priority!

It offers a break from the kids & the stresses of real life, and someone else usually cooks dinner… Even if you don’t have a big budget for sitters and evenings out, we want to help you remember how to date your spouse successfully and get them on board with date night!

Some couples are a bit hesitant to start trying Date Night, or maybe you don’t know how to date your spouse successfully.

This would akin to generalizing the United States based on a trip to las Vegas.In this episode of our protagonist shows just how simple casual dating is.Newly single, she's not looking for anything serious — she's looking to have a good time without anyone getting hurt.We have even MORE resources to all of your Date Night hurdles!Check out these articles: How to Get your Hubby on Board Is your Spouse Not Romantic?