Sweet dee is dating a retarded person

system the gang solves the gas crisis a very sunny christmas sweet dee's dating a retarded person sweet dee has a heart attack the gang gives frank an intervention who got dee pregnant top 10 Nathan Sharp This gang is made up of a bunch of despicable human beings, but we can’t help but love them.

It’s every bit as ridiculous as it sounds, and the clear Frank outline in the couch brings some good laughs.

, along with Mac’s latent homosexuality and Dennis being a sexual predator. When everyone starts fighting with each other, of course, Charlie tapes a conversation of Dennis and Mac have about trying to frame Frank over a Spin Doctor’s cassette, which he leaves at City Hall in a package marked “4 THE MARE.” “OK Mr. ” Season Three: “The Gang Dances Their Asses Off” Charlie’s illiteracy nearly causes the gang to lose Paddy’s Pub, when he signs the bar up for a dance marathon and offers Paddy’s as the grand prize, thinking he was listing it under the “pride” section.

But of course, Charlie didn’t start out the series illiterate, as the cast were for the most part semi-functioning human beings when the series started — only to devolve further and further into depraved caricatures of themselves.

According to Mac, it’s when you get very drunk, but still remember pieces of the night.

It’s a ridiculous concept, but that’s why it’s so funny. Frank can be downright disgusting at times, and this scene highlights that perfectly.