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The hobby of trap collecting encompasses an enormous range of traps designed for just about every conceivable application and originating from across the globe.

Attempting to cover them all would be virtually impossible on a web page like this, therefore I will only be dealing with traps of UK origin here.

The function of this page is primarily to cast some light on the subject of the gin trap for the benefit of the casual enquirer or the budding trap collector by describing briefly what it is, its operation and method of use, the more common variations in manufacture and style that may be encountered, and to outline some of the various alternatives to the standard 'gin' that exist.The names I have given to the components are as were originally used by the manufacturers, and it seems sensible to retain that naming convention.The whole trap is constructed upon a base consisting of a bar of steel, this is known as the stock bar.He then found a small piece of stick and pressed it down gently onto a flat square plate within the open jaws. I still remember jumping when the jaws suddenly slammed shut, breaking the stick clean in two.It was explained that these traps were designed to catch rabbits by the leg, and would be set on the ground in such a place that a rabbit would stand on it.