Skandar keynes and anna popplewell dating blade runner dating model

During the filming of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, his voice deepened (due to his going through puberty), which left his sister Soumaya to voice some of his lines that were later blended with Keynes' own voice.

Like most professional actresses, Anna Popplewell insisted on the use of a body double for certain film scenes.

Skandar Keynes looks on as costar Georgie Henley gets up close and personal with lion cub Aslan at the Smithsonian Zoo during their recent trip earlier this month in Washington, D. The 19-year-old actor recently revealed in an interview with the Inquirer about his first meeting with Georgie, now 15, and leaving acting behind for now.

Check it: On his first meeting Georgie: “I met her in one of the first auditions I had.

I mean she's turning 13, and he's turning 17! about a week ago, skandar's profile said that he was dating this girl named rebecca swinton.

But it's there on that they're dating right now. so i don't think that website is too reliable. there's like a 4 year difference between her & skandar!

Twentieth Century Fox has taken over, and I suspect Disney will regret that they didn’t stick with the project.Actor and writer Julian Fellowes, who welcomed the Queen to the cinema, said: 'The support of the Queen for the CTBF is fantastically important.It keeps the whole profile of the organisation in front.'He strikes precisely the right balance between the moral content of the film – it is, more than any of the other Narnian books, a religious allegory – and the kind of action film that avoids preachiness and keeps the thrills and surprises coming at the speed demanded by the video-game generation. Lewis introduces him with the memorable opening sentence: ‘There was a boy called Eustace Clarence Scrubb, and he almost deserved it.’He is more greedy, bad-tempered and untrustworthy even than Edmund was in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.I remember, I was terrified at the whole experience. I remember seeing her, and she was very energetic and was bouncing off the walls.I was very intimidated by the whole thing and all the new people. We all clicked and we were very grateful for that.” On what he’s studying at Cambridge University: “I don’t have acting projects lined up right now.