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One thing led to another and we started to hook up in the pool, then one of the staff shouted at us to get out of the pool and for her to leave – we ran off and I lost her.It turns out she had disappeared off to another room where she woke up the entire room by shagging another guy as loudly as possible.My friend made enough noise in disgust that the couple below her moved to the shower where we could just hear a loud thumping as the girl kept hitting up against the door.

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It didn’t stop them from having a good time though!

She eventually came out of the room then tried to drag me off to the laundry room for round three!

Nathan, 26 If you liked this post – you should check out this one from Durex about the best spooky castle hotels to get hot under the collar in.

Let’s just say one of the guys she hooked up with sneaked into the showers where she was spreadeagled across the floor at it and filmed it under the door. Josh, 19 I had a friend who hooked up with this guy in Cuba and while they were at it they knocked a plate and cup over.

When she stood up to leave, she sliced her foot open and it was pouring blood, grabbing all of the white towels she limped all the way back to our room.

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