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Some people might be more prone to using condoms, which might cut down on the STI rate to some degree. Their access to the internet - where any information can be found - would be restricted or flagged at certain words.

And all that could all be done even before conception for an 'at-risk' woman.

On Abortion in general, I have a friend that is Conservative & an Atheist... He has made these statements in public & I'm not breaking a confidence by posting them..

He says it should be free and provided by the Government, because he thinks most of the Aborted will be Liberals & the Poor....

hopefully no one would want to do that, other than the Tea Party and extreme religious right and Ted Cruz.

Unless you plan on making sex for anyone to be illegal and only certain people can have sex at certain times and that's distributed equally among people, what would be the reason to take away the right to use birth control, or to have abortions?

The daughters of the poor would rediscover the other uses of coat hangers.

Great answer Igor, I was just imagining (and not too seriously), but if i were a liberated and financially independent woman, and you took that right away from me, I would just say well if i can't have the right over my own body, then nobody can have my body anymore, to hell with it.......

And Republicans don't want to see Texas and Mississippi turn blue. Those that wanted to get reelected would change their positions.

5 years after a decision overturning Roe v Wade abortions would be more widely available than they are today. Most likely result: lots of women dying in attempts to self-abort or from going to illegal abortionist hacks.

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What would happen if this was overturned, as Thump is suggesting?