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Because women ALWAYS feel safe telling a man they don't want him sexually harassing them, and NEVER feel like he might retaliate, right?

Aside from making racist comments, he also got bounced first his season. Season: 2Placed: Last (Expelled)So, Justin was nuts. Season: 4Placed: Last The twist for season 4 was "X-Factor," which meant several contestants were playing with their exes.I do feel bad for her, however, because she had no idea none of the other houseguests liked her until she had a big blow-up with Diane. ) would've been plastered on every entertainment website that summer if it were the case.Holly skipped out on the All-Stars season to avoid playing with Jase again. Never mind the fact that CBS keeps bringing them back like they're official mascots.Rankings are also only based on appearances in the house.If someone was awful in the house but has proven themselves to be a splendid person in reality, it doesn't count.