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When news stories, which portray the school’s move as part of a “war on Christmas," broke on Fox and Breitbart News Network, the school received more than 200 complaints. C, after reading a fake-news story that said suggested Hillary Clinton was running a child sex ring out of the location.

When the parents saw the reader comments to the Breitbart story suggesting their address should be published, they pulled their child from school and temporarily left the area, according to the Lancaster Online story. The Anti-Defamation League reached the Lancaster family late Thursday evening and disputed use of the word "fled" in characterizing the family's response after the play's cancellation.

"The areas of higher elevation throughout this region will have some elements of fall coming to life but we have two to three weeks to go for the big show," the report said of the state's southern section.

The recent dry weather, however, has spurred some fears of a less-than-stellar foliage season.

This year, most of New Jersey could see its peak foliage in mid-October, according to Smoky's foliage prediction map.

As the leaves change over the coming weeks, the hues you'll see depend on the type of tree prevalent in your area.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has released its map of when peak foliage across the state is predicted for this fall.

Now, leaves around here have reached less than 5 percent of their full color, the department said in its first weekly foliage report.

"We spoke with the family, who explained that they went on a previously-planned vacation for the holidays." When reached Friday by phone, Robin Burstein, associate regional director of the ADL, said that the organization was not taking issue with the Lancaster paper. "We wanted to confirm the family did not flee the area," said Burstein.

"An earlier version of this story stated the family had fled the county over fears for their child’s safety," said a Lancaster Online story updated Dec.

Centerville Clinics provides total healthcare to the entire community through a network of community medical and dental offices serving Fayette, Greene, Washington, and Westmoreland counties.

The Pennsylvania foliage report explains: "The great variety of tree species in Pennsylvania provides arguably the world’s best autumn spectacle.

Trees that provide brilliant red and orange displays include red maple, sumac, blackgum, dogwood and serviceberry.