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Once the list populates, you can swipe through and 'like' or 'dislike' someone by either swiping right or left, or by cliking the heart or the 'x' buttons. If you're swiping through too quickly and accidentally swipe 'no' to someone you wanted to swipe 'yes' to, there's no way of getting that match back.

I can't answer that for you, but I can give you a suggestion; spend a few days on both (but give EGLUG till July to launch please! In any case, we at hope for extensive cooperation with linux-egypt and with time this should become a moot point. :) We made it as a hyper-democratic alternative; like I said earlier, you'll find one of the key differences between the two groups is in their approach to community organization.Many of the core people who are working on EGLUG were moderators on linux-egypt and remain so.The fork was intended to be friendly, and it remains so.After reading the answers to the questions above, you will know by now that the key words are: co-existence, cooperation, mutual benefit, and symbiosis.EGLUG may replace linux-egypt for all I know, and conversely linux-egypt may eventually evolve to make EGLUG redundant. For the time being, we the people who are developing this experiment (developing, not controlling and not leading) believe that the community can benefit from co-work.