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Danni questions Bobby further over the girl Lockie cheated with, but when things don't add up she sides with Lockie again.Arg hosts a food themed party where Frank has another confrontation with Charlie.After Carol and Elliott make their feelings towards Ricky clear, Jess gets upset thinking that everyone wants her to break up with him.Diags takes Fran on a first date, whilst Grace and Lewis continue to flirt.Danni and Lockie discuss buying a house, but it all ends in tears as Danni confides in Jess over rumours that Lockie has cheated.As Diags admits he has feelings for his new flatmate Fran, he's jealous when he sees her and Tom flirting with each other.

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Fran admits to Georgia that Tom has made it awkward for her and Diags as she moves out, but a visit from Tom leaves her more angry over the situation.

Jess continues to get upset after comments from Carol and Elliott about her relationship with Ricky.

Grace and Lewis go on their first date, and agree to see each other again.

Chloe reveals that she's recently kissed Mario, as Charlie worries his friend might end up hurting his sister.

Lockie isn't impressed to hear that Danni has gone on a singles night with the girls.