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In the past, groups setting the rules have been called the SPA, The Faction, or as in the most recent case the NSA (Network Software Association).Some have claimed the exclusive nature of these organizations have locked them out of the process. It is time once again for the standards by which the games scene operates to be updated. These rules lasted a long time, but as technology moves forward, so to must the rules governing it.These rules shall be identified simply as the Standard Rip Rules (S. This equates to a total of 275,000,000 bytes of compressed data.

The re-release of a rip can be done by any group and must be done within 48 hours of the original rip, as possibly every game is rippable in a smaller size if enough time is spent. Functionality: Every release under this limit MUST be a functional and playable complete game with no essential data missing to finish the game.

If a game includes separate texture sets for hires AND lowres systems you are allowed to rip lowres only but the game still has to work on all hardware platforms. If the sound files exist inside a big file it's highly regarded when time is invested to extract those files to compress them. A downgrade of sound quality to sound files to allow the game to fit the limit will NEVER be permitted.

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Any add-on that does not fit these criteria will be restricted to 15 x 5,000,000 bytes.

Only the group that won the game release is allowed to release the add-ons for that game.