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“They’re just having fun.” Yet, young females are not public about their private life especially if they’re dating.“I haven’t heard of a Qatari girl who’s outspoken like they keep it on the down low.“There’s a lot of different ways of dating.” Al Jaber said the first step to dating is getting a phone number.“This is how guys know girls not only in Qatar but in all of the Middle East,” she said.In addition, females cannot be open about dating especially to their parents.Therefore, young females tell their families that they’re going to meet a friend when they’re actually going to meet their partners. “Some girls don’t want to risk their reputation.” Meeting the opposite sex In culture where dating is not option, there are many other ways in which women can get involved with men. You’d be surprised by the number of proposals a young Qatari female receives from a man who’s seen her at a shop, party or just at work.

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Whether at work, university or even a shopping center, young Qatari females dress in the most beautifully designed ebayas and designer bags.

Now it’s a day that’s set aside for partners the world over to show their devotion through dinners, cards, love hearts and even gifts.

Many people don’t observe the day, for one reason or another, but whether you’re one of them or not, these places are perfect for a much needed injection of romance at any time of year.

Writing numbers on napkins or saying them out loud in malls or even following young women to their homes are ways in which young men and women begin to date.

Because unmarried local females cannot be seen in public with other males, meeting places are limited.