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I was in the process of joining the church through the adult conversion program, and in my weekly class, I saw how beloved he was by the community. I prayed daily my thanksgiving for such a wonderful priest.In our evening calls, he revealed to me that he cared for me more than I could ever know.And we tried to find a way to worship and to celebrate our Catholic faith, but it was in such opposition to how the church worked in the real world. About controlling priests’ libidos, their lives, with arcane rules!On Easter, we kindled a fire in the backyard and my husband, wearing his priestly garments, blessed wafer and wine, and the two of us celebrated our own Mass in the firelight while the babies slept. ” We were vocal and political, fighting for our right to exist as a married priest and his wife.And we went to a different church -- still Catholic, but we sat at the back, hoping not to be recognized.My new mother-in-law didn’t make eye contact with me for well over a year.

"The filming was done in Hawaii, there was only one kangaroo on the set and everyone sounded American except Bryan Brown, whose Oz accent stuck out like a dingo's bits." Mc Cullough released novel, an epic love story of a Catholic priest and a woman in the Australian outback, in 1977.

The musical is being produced by The Wales Theatre Company.

Australian feminist and academic Germaine Greer has recently criticised Mc Cullough for failing to include aborigines in .

Believe me, to them the Abo would have been invisible." The musical version opened in Swansea last week and will tour Wales and England until mid July.

Air Date: March 27th, 1983Network: ABCSeries Summary A priest (Richard chamberlain) and his parishioner (Rachel Ward) suffer from a forbidden love in this Golden Globe-winning saga based on Colleen Mc Cullough's bestseller.