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That was a departure from what had been a mostly collegial race, with the candidates usually reaching consensus on most issues of how to reform the District Attorney’s Office and the city’s criminal justice system.

“His career makes the people who advocate for victims of murder and sexual assault really nervous about the prospect that he could be the DA,” O’Neill said later of Krasner Krasner, who has been identified in news reports as a civil rights lawyer because of his high-profile work in that area, later pointed out that his law firm also uses the civil courts to seek money for victims after prosecutors attain guilty verdicts but don’t seek restitution.

I want to be around a diverse group of people who are different than I am so that I can learn from them.

Diversity is respected, wanted, and encouraged here at Kenyon; however, as much as diversity is preached on campus, political diversity is not accepted.

O’Neill is supported by the Building a Better Pennsylvania Fund, a PAC launched in 2014 by Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and other building trades unions.

That PAC on Friday reported spending 4,340 in the last week to create and air television commercials.

I would like to begin my article by introducing myself. I’m a first-year political science major from Williamsburg, Virginia.

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“The notion that I have no empathy or sympathy for victims is a comic book,” Krasner said.Yes, I had the option to publish this article anonymously, but I feel that in order for the Kenyon community to be more politically tolerant, someone had to come forward. The purpose of this article is not to tell students why “I’m right” or who I voted for. Instead, I hope to give a first-hand perspective of what it’s like to be a female Republican on campus.Regardless of how you feel about Republicans, I hope that you can respect the fact that I feel this issue is so great that I’m willing to publish this article.You might ask, why is she telling us irrelevant information.Well, I am deciding to publish my name on this article knowing that I may face ridicule and judgement, because I feel that it is important for a student to come forward as a known figure on campus in order to discuss what it’s like to be a Republican at Kenyon.