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To commemorate The Vigil - Jim Fogarty - has created a most excellent painting that now hangs at St James's Palace where it was viewed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on 6 November 2012.

For more information about the painting, research, creation and how to purchase a print please click on the links below: to guard the new King, Henry VII.

In 1483, and seventeen battles later, a fourth King, Richard III (House of York) became Sovereign of England but by now, and thousands dead in battle, the rival Houses wished for peace.

The decision was that the throne should be offered to Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, on condition that he marry Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Edward IV, thus uniting the Houses of York and Lancaster and ending this costly war both in money and lives.

are salaried, must live within the bounds of the perimeter walls of The Tower of London and it's their full-time second career.

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We have the greatest respect for each other, indeed one of our ranks was once a Yeoman Warder, but it's most annoying when articles in the most prestigious of newspapers or on TV still get the two Corps mixed up. Gentlemen, we drink to your health and "May you never die a Yeoman Warder".Our uniform is in the Tudor style and a scarlet red.The distinct difference in the ceremonial uniform worn by either Corps is the shoulder belt or crossbelt.They were originally sons of knights, and later patents were granted to esquires.By the 15th century however, their role had been extended in such a way that the protection of the sovereign was no longer their first first positive mention of a royal guard in English history is found in the records of Edward Is reign (12721307), where the description occurs Crossbow men of the Household.