Project summary task not updating

NOTE: If a parent row has a Predecessor value listed, this dependency relationship will drive the Start dates for each child row making them un-editable.

Deleting the Predecessor value on the Parent Row will remove this constraint and allow you to manipulate the child row dates individually.

The values in the project sheet columns listed above are calculated automatically and can't be modified.

Learn more about how these values are calculated in our article on Parent Rollup Functionality.

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Doing so may change the Duration value and would break any dependencies (remove the Predecessor values) previously established.

Dragging from either end of the task bar will extend the Duration to a new Start or End date.

Back to top Parent (summary) rows will always reflect duration in partial working days.

I really like using 1 level deep sub-tasks for granular task assignments/actions that need to be completed.

However, when updating the dates/duration of the subtasks, the parent dates do not update.