Post personal dating ads

I've posted some ads on craigslist, but haven't had much success. Several months back, I was living with people who were like parents to me, my car didn't run, I was unemployed, etc.When I would read the w4m ads (the ones that weren't spam), they all said things like "Don't contact me if you don't have a job" or "Must have your own car" or "Please tell me you don't live with your parents." Out of frustration and a twisted sense of humor, I posted an ad entitled "I'm everything you always said you never wanted" (paraphrasing the movie Fools Rush In where he says "You're everything I never knew I always wanted"). Of the responses I got, most were brief joking replies, a few were obvious spammers, but one stood out from the rest.If the photo doesn't match the age, she looks 36 but says she's 25.If the wording in the ad is vague or is out of time.I've put up an ad on there for someone to attend a summer festival with and I got lots of responses and found someone to go with. There are usually a LOT of posts from guys in there so it would be difficult to get noticed.

I was just on Craigslist & I saw about to answer someones personal profile when I realized that the profile might be a fake. I was wondering if anyone had ever met & dated someone who posted their profile on Craigslist?

We connected really well, and things heated up between us for awhile, but I wasn't really ready to be jumping into a new relationship, and my personal issues were hurting her, so we decided to leave it as friends (genuinely, not the "I never want to talk to you, but let's call it friends to ease the blow" variety).

She is now one of my closest friends and I shall always treasure her for that.

I'm wary about answering one of those ads because you have to e-mail them & I have a couple of problems with that.

For one, I don't want to e-mail just anyone because who knows if someone is just out there fishing for people to send their SPAM to.