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After completing the periods of the planets in the quadrants, the dasa shifts to the planets in the four signs in the Panapara and then to the Apoklimas.

However, the following rules apply in deciding which sets of houses – the Panapara or Apoklimas succeed the initial dasa of the planets in the quadrants.

Let us study the horoscope of Bhagwan Shri Ram as an example and determine the periods and significance of Moola Dasa in his life.This dasa is especially good for timing curses, hardships and other evils at work.(c) Sanjay Rath (1999) Lagna Kendradi Graha Dasa, also known as the Moola Dasa (Refer: Saravali of Kalyan Verma), is one of the very important dasa systems of Vedic astrology.Similarly, if Saturn is placed in Lagna, examine the strength of the planets in Panapara whereas if Ketu is placed in Lagna examine the strength of planets in Apoklimas.If both Saturn & Ketu are present, see their degrees and the one with a higher longitude shall decide whether the dasa of the planets in Panapara (Saturn) or Apoklimas (Ketu) shall follow.