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“Smooth skinned, no facial, attracted to buttocks,” Downing wrote next to one man’s name.Later, in his office, Downing would ask Unger to strip naked.

Like many conversion therapists, Downing claims he has been “cured” of homosexuality, or, in the jargon preferred by the industry, he has “overcome” his “unwanted SSA,” same-sex attraction.He would frolic in a field, naked too, with people he was supposed to be “healing.” He would ask other men to hold each other in darkened rooms.It was all part of the therapy, practiced on tens of thousands of young men in the U. and abroad, by a wide network of “life coaches” like Downing.There were some secular-based organizations, but there was nothing in the Jewish world,” he told the court on the second day of the JONAH trial.He reached out to the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), an ex-gay organization (he would later serve on its board).