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He spoke of having clearly seen, while celebrating Mass on February 14, 1943, the canonical solution: the ordination of lay members of the Opus.

At that moment, "The sacerdotal society of the Holy Cross was born, representing in the Church a new pastoral and juridical phenomenon, the ordination of men with university degrees and engaged in a profession..."[4]In 1946, Fr.

We shall begin our investigation with the first French work aimed at the public, written by an Opus Dei member, recommended by its Information Bulletin, and titled The Opus Dei.[1] The author, Dominique Le Tourneau, who has a Ph. in canon law and a degree in economics, paints a 120-page, complimentary portrait of the Founder and an idealized expos of the spirituality of The Work.

It is an account without warts of the Opus Deis work and its ensuing fruits.

Nothing written in this publication, a priori, arouses any suspicion of an orientation deviating from the traditional teaching of the Church.

Thus, the reader faithful to Church teaching remains trusting.

Although not much, this was enough to get and keep the attention of the Bulletins readers, who might be curious about, or interested in, restoring the social order upon spiritual foundations.

The essence of time is expressed in Opus One by the character of each vintage.

Place, often defined as terroir, represents the geography, the climate and the essential human element which is captured in the wine’s balance between power and finesse, structure and texture.

The 5-day retreat was an "adaptation to modern man" while still preserving the masterpieces of the original 30-day format.

The Cooperators apostolate went international, and in France and Spain spawned "La Cite Catholique," a network of lay cells in France and Spain which studied Catholic doctrine and worked practically to restore Christ as King over society.