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The implementation of effective perma-death doesn't help, and yet you feel okay with diving in again, new.

Download for free Knytt Stories Developer: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren Knytt Stories is, as you can probably guess, a pseudo-sequel to the original Knytt.

Then there's that fucking ghost who just shows up to kill you if you dawdle around too long.

The game uses stochastic level generation very effectively to both create interesting exploration puzzles, but also to create a sense of surprise as the world you're in continues to show gruff personality and scurilous scurry.

Download for free (Original Knytt is also there) Gish Developer: Chronic Logic At first glance, Gish might appear to be a classic arcade-style game, something like Sonic or Mario Brothers.

First glances can be deceiving: yes, this is a sidescrolling platformer, but the actual gameplay is very different, because it's based on a physics engine.

The thing about that chick, besides being almost mysogynistically infantile, is that by dropping her off in the level exit you're just setting up for her to get in trouble on the next level.

This is Terry's opus, a labor of love that put him in debt developing it.

I know this is going to sound like bombastic hyperbole, but this is old-school design at the height of its craft; I sincerely hope you don't pass it up.

Free Demo Buy it on Steam Time Fcuk Developers: Edmund Mc Millen, Alex The latest from Edmund Mc Millen and Alex, Time Fcuk is another platformer noir like the incidentally titled Edmund and a whole rash of other surrealistic 2d bastard children that Miyamoto left to drown in the pacific.

The game is, surprisingly, not about time or fucking, but about shifting between two planes to solve puzzles.