My year of disastrous dating

So, when we woke up the next morning it was extremely awkward.

The dude you’re dating will probably cheat on you, your friends-with-benefits partner will disregard treating you with respect one day, your boss will screw you over and your best friend will become so self absorbed that he/she cannot even recognize that your friendship is slowly disintegrating. And its gotten to the point that any new -ship I form, or have the potential of forming, I go into with this mindset.

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I have to apply these practices to this situation, so that in the less then 48 hours date I am on, I do not leave disappointed or sad.I won’t lie, I have caught myself time and time again creating expectations in my head before a date, after the date or on the date itself.That is why I have also become a fan of not texting or having much communication prior to the date…Maybe I’ll be able to walk in with no expectations or maybe not… Yeah, I’ve gotten them too, and I too wish, as Coraline does, that I could find this arousing. To be quite honest I think that this number is low in comparison to many other girls adventuring in the online dating world.I was recently chatting with a couple of friends who are all with fellas (one of the fellas was there too) and haven’t been in the dating game for quite some time. As Thomas so rightly pointed out, the male body is generally not believed to be as beautiful or aesthetically pleasing as the female body, and a penis out of the context of the rest of the body (in typical dick pic composition) looks like a Cheetos with all the cheese licked off.