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But luckily the Victorian Police were very helpful and I am OK," he said.

For two years, Imam Nur has run the support group Marhaba (which means 'welcome' in Arabic) covertly in a range of community halls across Melbourne."When I started this group, I knew it was a suicide mission. I look after myself and don't see myself as some martyr willing to die for this cause," Imam Nur said.

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But he no longer attends his local Brisbane mosque for fear of vilification."The wider Muslim community is not aware that I am gay and I keep away from them," Mr Ahmetovic said. It's a self protection mechanism, I don't want judgment, hostility and negative responses to who I am."The 31-year-old Bosnian national came out to his family a decade ago, an experience he says was fraught with difficulty.More Imams are coming out as gay and preaching that homosexuality isn't condemned in Islam.They're part of a global push for a more liberal interpretation of the Koran that acknowledges diversity and empowers mosques to welcome sexual minorities.His father, who initially rejected him, said he would accept his son only if he kept his sexuality quiet.Mr Ahmetovic said he knows "quite a few" gay Muslims in Brisbane but says they have rejected their faith since coming out.