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MADGIC lets demand partners pay for impressions, clicks or conversions.Its predictive technology estimates accurately the advertising cost/revenue by predicting the probability of a click and of a conversion.As soon as a demand partner starts a new campaign with specific targeting, MADGIC detects it and scales traffic up.As soon as the campaign is stopped or paused, MADGIC reduces the volume to a very small traffic, just enough to monitor the fill rate.MADGIC’s supply partners can define the maximum response time allowed for each ad request sent to MADGIC.They can either get ads much faster than with traditional RTB, or on the contrary they can use more time in order to find more profitable ads from more demand partners.

MADGIC not only connects you to the best demand partners in one go, it also monitors their performances in real time in order to automatically display the most profitable ads in less than 20 milliseconds.L'OL tient peut-être déjà le successeur d'Alexandre Lacazette, en partance pour l'Atlético de Madrid. À en croire ce samedi le site, sérieux, Olympique et Lyonnais !, il est permis de penser que Javier Hernandez puisse débarquer entre Rhône et Saône, et ainsi devenir la première recrue estivale des septuples champions de France. Réponse définitive attendue mi-juin, avant la Coupe des confédérations.Additionally, MADGIC offers its demand partners unique tools and market data (real-time market price analytics by country, operator and platform; performance monitoring and benchmarking; alerts; testing tools; clicks logs; …).Regular RTB only supports CPM campaigns: demand partners have to pay for each impression before displaying an ad, without knowing if this impression will generate a visit or not, nor whether it will generate a subscription, a download or a purchase.