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Unfold yer destinies—,’ she raised the bottle, it glinted malevolently, she swung it back down, ‘—NOW! The caravan of bachelors limped along, chinless in their cable-knit cardigans, and my anticipation wilted; I folded and refolded my ticket. —but when I glanced back he was still there, squinting at me, at my ticket. Back at the shop I’d spent twenty minutes failing to spit-tease my hair into some semblance of a girlish proclamation. Well, I wasn’t—and it’s not like he looked nice, either. I was forty-one; I was in slacks; my eyes were bloodshot. I whipped back around, my face hot, only to see my own date waddling my way already, his vast, grubby shirt drawing in like a storm cloud.

He sat with a grating clatter and plonked a bottle of fortified tonic and a pair of plastic beakers in front of me. Kvant-1 also brought a deployable solar panel, which would be installed on the station's exterior.Kvant-2, launched in 1989, was the first of the four Mir modules based on a TKS transport spacecraft.The TKS was developed in the 1970s for the Almaz military orbital station.After the Almaz program had been abandoned in 1981, KB Salyut, the TKS developer, convinced the Soviet leadership to use the hardware from Almaz program for yet-to-be-launched Salyut-7 and Mir space stations.