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That's a long journey for someone who, when Huff Post Entertainment sat down with Adams to discuss "Big Eyes" earlier this month, recounted crying on the street while holding a Slurpee after first moving to Los Angeles in her early 20s."I crossed the street and I had the walk sign and somebody yelled out their window, 'Watch where you’re going, you dumb effing blonde,'" she said.Those three roles alone precluded Adams from a résumé that could have devolved into middling rom-coms and half-baked awards bait."There are different things," Adams said when we asked which Oscar-nominated performance she's proudest of.

Before "Junebug" made her an awards contender, she garnered praise for roles that never managed to give her name so much as a twinkle.Other than that, I would say 'The Master.' I really, really loved making that movie with those actors. I remember watching 'The Big Lebowski' and 'Boogie Nights' and thinking, 'Oh, my goodness, she’s just so brave and so present and she makes these brave performances seem effortless.'" Of course, Adams has changed some since her first trip to the Oscars. Remember how forthcoming she was about the anxiety over her first nomination in 2006?There was something about it that warped my brain." This second phase of Adams' career has triggered a smattering of articles about the "new" Amy Adams. By her fifth nod, in 2014, Adams' reaction was that of someone who's much more acquainted with her Hollywood status: "It's a very good thing to wake up to; we were all asleep!That puts her on par with the likes of Tom Hanks, Audrey Hepburn, Susan Sarandon, Elizabeth Taylor and Sean Penn.If this year's "Big Eyes," in which she portrays painter Margaret Keane, lends Adams her sixth, she'll join the ranks of Cate Blanchett, Vanessa Redgrave, Ellen Burstyn and Jeff Bridges.