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These New Englanders, or "Yankees" as they were called, were descended from the Puritan English colonists who had settled New England in the 1600s and were primarily Congregationalists.

The first church constructed in Marietta was a Congregationalist church, founded around 1786.

Among them were more than one culture who built earthwork mounds, monuments which generally expressed their cosmology, often with links to astronomical events.

Between 100 BC and AD 500, the Hopewell culture built the multi-earthwork complex on the terrace east of the Muskingum River near its mouth with the Ohio. Developed over many years, it had a large enclosed square, within which were four platform mounds, used for ceremonial purposes and elite residential; another square, and a larger conical mound used for burials. By the time of the historic tribes, such as the Shawnee, the purposes and makers of the monuments were no longer known.

After the war, the newly formed United States had little cash but plenty of land.

The Muskingum River and Duck Creek flow into the Ohio River at Marietta.Or are you only looking for someone to go looking for antique store treasures with in Marietta?Marietta single women are here on Zoosk looking to meet someone too. After the American Revolutionary War, the United States sold or granted large tracts of land to stimulate development in this area.Marietta was founded by settlers from New England who were investors in the Ohio Company of Associates.