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Rouge starts in the boundary between “B” and “C” blocks.

There's a Mystic Melody on Yellow floor, C block, which will make a path to a gap on the wall opposite to it, where Rouge's Treasure Scope upgrade is.

Eggman will chime in intermittently as the level goes on: Other level specific-objects are fans that blow money that can be floated on, pulleys, pressure tanks that can be destroyed, the larger ones needing more than one hit to destroy, and packages and skulls that can be picked. It’s U-shaped and divides into three-sub sections according to height, each one colour coded for convenience.

Another curious observation is the fact that Rouge’s breath is visible, which is a sign that the place is supposed to be cold enough for such a thing to happen. The lowest level is the “Red floor”, the medium is the “Yellow floor” and finally, the highest is the “Blue floor”. Each level is in turn divided into "A", "B" and "C" block, the first to the farthest left part of the U-shape and the last to the farthest right part, with the second in the middle of both.

Top of Switch Room: Whistle next to the Mystic Melody pedestal, which is high above the red floor's switch. The level specific animal (third Chao container) is a Phoenix.

At the beginning, jump over the right rail and float above the fans at the upper left corner, closer to the bar wall.

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Switch Room: Inside a package Rouge can pick up, just in front of the moving weight on the right side of the upper floor.Switch Room: On the northwest GUN waste crate, in the yellow switch area.Red floor, A block: In a pipe over the metal crate closest to the inside corner.High above the red area there's a ledge with another Mystic Melody, which accesses 40 rings, easily grabbed by an electric shield located nearby, in a wooden container.There are some platforms suspended on the air above the yellow area, accessible by hitting a spring visible with the Treasure Scope.