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The second video shows Green laying on the lawn, with a gun nearby.(Channel 4 has elected to not show video of Green’s body)At one point in the first video, an officer is heard saying "we're just concerned about you, man.Lakea Green, Amonderez's mother, said she had doubts about the official police story.She said watching the video brought back memories that are still raw to her."I was hurt. If we decide to take down the list of every single of this people who has committed inhuman crimes, it is practically endless. Here are some of the lists of serial killer who committed serial inhuman act; As a young boy he was already been detained at the juvenile detention for petty crimes of stealing and possession of some contra band products he got his first jail sentence in 1983 for car theft and after he was released the following year he turned violence.He committed his first known murder in 1984 the year he was released and his victim was 79 years Jennie Vincow who he assaulted sexually and stabbed to death finally. He had some nick names like the “Lust Killer”, ‘The Shoe Fetish Slayer.” Born in 1939 Webster, Southern Dakota, he has always been trouble from an early age.

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He committed his first murder at the age of 18 and was arrested a lot of times claiming his murder victim’s corpses.

As at 1989 when he was caught and convicted, he has received 19 death sentences and his responses was “No Big Deal”. He was reported to have assaulter a young woman at the age of 17.

He was in California Quentin Prison where he died in 2013 at the age of 53. His violence increase when he graduated from high school and got married.

Officers on the scene got out of their patrol cars and again tried to talk to the Green, but he then pulled out a gun and fired at officers, police said at the time of the shooting.

Authorities told News 4 a Normandy police officer tried to use a taser, as was outlined in the department's crisis intervention training, but it was ineffective.