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Warning: What you are about to see in a video that has quickly gone viral on Tuesday is very likely NSFW.It's unclear if this is definitely what's happening in the video, but the clip appears to show a security guard working at a Chargers game on Sunday and discreetly masturbating with a hand in his pocket near a group of Chargers cheerleaders.Hello Giggles spoke to Stephanie Keating, Brand Manager at We-Vibe, a company that makes high-quality solo and couples sex toys.

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In fact, you might avoid this conversation at all costs with any human beings.

“While once the topic of sex and masturbation were considered taboo, those stigmas are beginning to fade,” she tells HG.

By talking about masturbating in a healthy way, you can speed along the destigmatization and enjoy yourself along the way, because there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a few orgasms.

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