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Unlike Julia, Abi Smith, 31, didn't set out to have one partner for life.But 14 years after getting together with her first boyfriend, Chris, she couldn't be happier that he has been her only lover.However some of her fans have nearly crucified her for almost revealing her body and why she would be playing such a sexual role in the movie because she is a married woman while others are singing her praises, for trying to be real and making people believe this was in real life.According to the pictures which have raised so many eye brows, Omotola Jalade was seen passionately kissing her colleague while in another picture, she was seen lying on the bed while another man was on top of her. Do you think there is anything wrong with this picture either she is married or not?I think our marriage is much happier and stronger for the waiting.

More than that and you could be viewed as promiscuous. 'I like to think that, in part at least, it's because of my decision just to have sex with one man.

But she still believes she is more fulfilled for not having jeopardised a good relationship for fleeting sexual excitement.

The pictures of veteran and award-winning Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde kissing and romancing another man has gone viral on social media but the movie star was only shooting a scene of her soon-to-be released movie, Alter Ego.

Eleanor Wilson, a physics teacher at a school in Bristol, engaged in oral sex with the pupil in the toilet cubicle and then had sex with him, a disciplinary panel found.

The relationship came to light when another student heard about it and threatened to tell the school unless Miss Wilson, 28, engaged in sexual activity with him.