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Some examples of issues that come up in construction law cases include: As an attorney well-versed in the world of construction law and litigation, Theodore “Ted” Schatt can represent your case, taking it to court if necessary.

A few areas of commercial law include privacy laws and food and drug safety laws.

You may also qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allows you to eliminate your debt by liquidating certain assets for cash. Do not be embarrassed or afraid to file for bankruptcy — although the process can have negative effects on your credit score and buying power in the short term, it can be the best way to achieve financial freedom.

If you are a business owner and you intend to continue to operate your business, you may file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to tackle your business debt. Read More Business law is the branch of law related to all things business: entity creation, trade law, environmentally-sound practices, consumer protection, antitrust law, contract law, securities and their trade, intellectual property rights and disputes, and employment law.

In many cases, business issues are resolved through arbitration or mediation but in others, litigation is unavoidable.

Arm yourself with information about the type of case you are facing and its possibilities before taking legal action.