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It was captioned: 'Making up for a huge Yankee loss #subwaycreatures'. Some of those commenting slammed the person who filmed the video, while others were more concerned that the woman was not wearing shoes on the subway.'Her foot... 'It was a time when it was still very hard to come out like that.Although Marci doesn't have a conventional marriage with her spouse, who she met eleven years prior to her transition, she reveals they have a special bond.'I am still married to that same person, I would say our relationship has transitioned into more of a sisterhood I would call it, where we’re best of friends but we have three kids together.However, considering the star has been in many films with such scenes, she has become a bit of a pro, so much so that she even gave her director, Hany Abu-Assad, some pointers."'Ok, everyone—this is how it's going to be," she imitated herself.WEST ALLIS -- A man and woman have been taken into custody, after they were allegedly caught on camera having sex at the Wisconsin State Fair. "Honestly man, I can't believe they would do that here, but I guess that was their decision," Sean Loehr said.

'At the time I was the head of gynaecology at an ob-gyn at the Swedish Medical Centre in Seattle, which is a very high profile position and a very big deal when I transitioned because it just shocked people.The woman, who was barefoot, could be seen in the video straddling her male companion and thrusting as they sat close to the subway doors.Two other passengers seemed oblivious to what was happening as one had headphones on and the other could be seen stretched out sleeping on the seat.The couple appeared to stop grinding as the train pulled into Grand Central Terminal.The video surfaced on social media and was posted by the viral Instagram account Subway Creatures. She's got her shoes off...''Imma say what we're all thinking.