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2.2 mi (3.5 km) south-west of Lichfield, near the point where Icknield Street crosses Watling Street was the site of Letocetum (the Brittonic *Lētocaiton, "Greywood").

Further economic decline followed the outbreak of plague in 1593, which resulted in the death of over a third of the entire population.After King Offa's death in 796, Lichfield's power waned; in 803 the primacy was restored to Canterbury by Pope Leo III after only 16 years.The Historia Brittonum lists the city as one of the 28 cities of Britain around AD 833.Notable for its three-spired medieval cathedral, Lichfield was the birthplace of Samuel Johnson, the writer of the first authoritative Dictionary of the English Language.The city's recorded history began when Chad of Mercia arrived to establish his Bishopric in 669 AD and the settlement grew as the ecclesiastical centre of Mercia.