Leykis dating rules

As justification, Leykis usually quotes what he believes is a basic rule of humanity; "we want what we can't have." #9.Don't Become Poindexter- According to Leykis, a woman begins Looking for Poindexter, at the point in her life when she makes the decision to buy a house and find a man to create children with.Tom focuses on pro athlete "rape" cases such as Kobe Bryant because he feels many of these cases are not rape, but consensual traps set up by gold diggers. Black Book- Tom kept the names of who he was dating in a book. He would keep Friday and Saturday nights open to meet new women. Stink of Death- Leykis refers to a man who's not getting any, as having the stink of death.You can tell by the way he dresses and how he acts. Violence- Leykis claims he does not like the phrase "violence against women", because "it leads people to ignore violence against men." Leykis reminds students that "nothing turns off women faster than violence against them without their consent." He also tells his audience to get out of any abusive relationships, and insists "it is wrong" to hit anyone. He also tells men to never get married, it just doesn't make sense in todays world.This, he asserts, financially ruins the men for many years making them unable to start a new life with another woman or enjoy the money they earn. Avoid Groups-Leykis claims that they make sure no sex happens.This is especially true if a date unexpectedly shows up with an uninvited girlfriend, as they’re scamming for free food or need an excuse to leave, without you. No Coworkers- Leykis claims dating coworkers risks being sued for sexual harassment and leads to awkward working relationships.Do different things, travel the world, establish your career.

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For example if a woman hits him, or if she threatens to jump out of an open car door while the car is moving, he gives one warning. When you hang around with somebody like that, pretty soon you'll go over the edge.

With more than 100,000 miles on her odometer, she runs ads on Craigslist with the one liner, I've had my fun.

She's done all the hot guys, like the high school quarterback, but now she's interested in someone more stable.

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