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Keith Olbermann is insane, Chris Matthews is insane, and Tom Brokaw is ashamed to be anywhere near them.MSNBC is a hilarious train wreck of scurrilous hobos, one which Brokaw can only defend by describing planets crashing into the sun, as a good thing, for a hearty paragraph. All key players in the Trump campaign this time, where they saw their opportunity to "destroy" the Clintons. I was lucky enough to style the massive, in personality and stature, Keith Olbermann for a recent GQ spread.CASE CLOSED." Editor's note: I watched the whole video three times, and Olbermann does not appear to present or cite any new information that could be construed as "proof" of his claims.He appears to be citing comments made by Jared Kushner during his closed-door testimony yesterday at the Senate Intelligence Committee, but does not directly quote Kushner or any other authority which might "prove" his statements.If you’ve never seen him in person, you won’t understand just how big he is.Even the article touched upon it:“Keith Olbermann is a large man.

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The width and knot of your tie should ALWAYS be in proportion with the lapels of your suit and the spread of your collar.

“I’m sick of carrying other people’s secrets.” When asked why she removed the tweets, Stadtmiller said, “I was advised to do so.

profile of your annoying loudmouth boyfriend Keith Olbermann and, like most profiles of MSNBC personalities, it confirms everything you learned about current MSNBC dynamics during the first five minutes of its Iowa caucus coverage.

Also: Tim Russert is dead, and Keith Olbermann used to date Laura Ingraham.

Thanks to a breaking story and sheer chance, Keith Olbermann wound up interviewing his ex-girlfriend on Wednesday's "Countdown." That evening, the biggest story in the news concerned Michael Enright, the man who stabbed a cabdriver because he was Muslim.