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And I was not worried Pound for pound I never lost If there was a plate given I ate off it And now i got to step to Skells', this like weight watchers You should've known, you get a slice if the cake offered I let a blade handle son like the Day walker Nigga murder is my hobby, and you about to die for fun nigga That's exactly what you get for fucking with a Dub nigga Dub nigga Round 3: Shotti P I say Canada got some of the greatest white rappers Like how the fuck did Ganik get a team so heavy You got Pat Stay, Charron, 100 Bulletz And we can't forget about machine gun Skelly But Toronto what up?

In no event shall we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage.The following is a list of case studies, by year, as featured in Annual Reports published by this Office.These case studies provide an insight into some of the issues that this Office investigates on a day to day basis.Retail Sector: With the opening of Ashbourne's fifth major supermarket, the big question is whether there's enough business to go around. The fast-growing retail sector in the commuter town of Ashbourne is to get another major shake-up with the opening early next week of a new Dunnes Stores, bringing to five the number of large supermarkets in the Co Meath town.The opening of Dunnes Stores's 6,500sq m (70,000sq ft) premises on the Dardis & Dunns Seeds Ltd site close to the €200 million Ashbourne Town Centre is a sure sign that competition for south Meath's retail trade is set to intensify.