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The series' first season starred Omarosa, who in 2004 appeared on the first season of The Apprentice, another American reality series.

Twelve men selected by billionaire real estate mogul, President Donald Trump (host and co-executive producer of The Apprentice) compete for the affections of Omarosa, the former political consultant who has become the most popular Apprentice contestant.

Subsequently, the contestants must gather in the "Mediation Room", where Omarosa (assisted by Dr.

Bryant or another celebrity guest) questions several of the contestants regarding their actions and attitudes while on the show.

Godbolt's wife fled the scene with her step-father.

Godbolt then made his way to the 1600 block of Coopertown Road, in Brockhaven, about 15 miles away, where the bodies of two juvenile boys were found, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations said.

But he then reached into his back pocket, pulled out a gun and 'just started shooting everything', Mitchell said.

Godbolt arrived at 2871 Lee Drive to talk with his wife and in-laws on Saturday when someone called authorities.'I was having a conversation with her stepdaddy and her mama and her, my wife, about me taking my children home,' he said.

'Somebody called the officer, people that didn't even live at the house. They intervene.''They cost him his life,' Godbolt said, apparently referring to the deputy.

She was a contestant on the first season of The Apprentice, where she was "fired" in Week 9 of the 15-week process.

She returned for the series' seventh season (the first incarnation of The Celebrity Apprentice), but was "fired" once again in Week 10.